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De Yin Industrial, formerly known as "Yong Chang Filter Bags", was founded in 1984.

It mainly produces centrifuge filter bags for food industries to meet every customers’ specifications.

The applications of centrifuge filter bags include:

Food processing industries, chemical industries, machinery industries, pharmaceutical industries and bio-technology industries, etc.



Over the years, we have continue developing and improving our products.
Today, our company products series contain

• Centrifuge filter bags and filter belts

• Filter bags for hydraulic press

• Filter cloth for filter press (such as plate and frame filter press, belt filter press)

• Filter bags, filter cloths and three-dimensional brush belts for environmental friendly equipment

• Various types of conveyor belts for various types of equipment, such as cone type, disc type, cloth tube, filter cloth conveyor belt, etc. for related applications.

We are proud that we can continue to provide customers a variety of technical support capabilities, and also supply the most favorable safety and durability.


In recent years, our company has also cooperated closely with various equipment manufacturers. We design a more efficient filter bag to enhance the process of filtration and processing. With these accumulation of these extensive experience, we are more able to assist centrifuges and other equipment manufacturers to improve and optimize their products.


With strict traceability management on our material, we can ensure the safety of our products as well as shortest lead-time producing and customized orders.


We have the capabilities to work on special specifications even in unique sizes.

Following with the footsteps of our founder, we are committed to producing high quality products as well being considerate of the environment protection and productivity. 

Taiwan Design and Manufacturing

For more than 30 years, we have been committed to the design and development of various filtration applications in Taiwan. We can help you save the valuable developing time through our experiences. In Taiwan, various brands of centrifuge filter bags are mostly OEM/ ODM from De Yin Industrial.


Cross Industry Application

We can custom design all filter bags to enhance output efficiency across a wide range of filtration machinery. We supply filter bags for the petrochemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.


Customized Services

We have the ability to provide products, sizes and materials to match the required specifications. Until now we have more than thousands types and templates of filter bags and related productions.


Strict Management of Resources

We focus on filter cloth materials, components and processes with strict traceability management to ensure the safety and durability on each of our product.


Efficient Production Process

We strictly control the process of production, establish an electronic template and use precision processing equipment on producing.



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